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  • Complete Computer  Diagnostics

    Complete Computer Diagnostics

    Computer Diagnostics is designed to test whether the car is running smoothly and to detect possible problems in his work.…

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  • Exhoust system and mufflers repair

    Exhoust system and mufflers repair

    The exhaust system is quite an important part of any car, so its efficiency is very important in any car.…

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  • Fuel System Services

    Fuel System Services

    For the smooth operation of the fuel system, it has a huge impact type and quality of fuel used. Equally…

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  • Complete engine works

    Complete engine works

    Crawling drive many kilometers, driving in difficult conditions, delayed oil change or the parts causes the engine gets older, he…

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  • Brake Repair  Specialists

    Brake Repair Specialists

    The quality brake pad has a big impact on the quality safety of traveling by car. Sometimes, brake pad wear…

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  • Tires


    We also offer tire repairs and wheel balancing.

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  • Full car servicing

    Full car servicing

    We offer a full service car and a full free computer diagnostics for each full service.

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  • Pre NCT test

    Pre NCT test

    We offer a full pre NCT where we will check every critical point which is part of the National Car…

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